Sandstorm Chronicles

by Hellcrawler

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released June 3, 2016



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


Hellcrawler Slovenia

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Track Name: Unholyverse
The screaming, that noise so close to hell
I'm trying, my voice fades away

Enigmas and questions, unsolved and gone
I'm followed and threatened in their domain

Oh, this savage hands of mine
Misplaced in this realm
No deed will be undone
I'll slowly fade away

The screaming, that noise so close to hell
The silence undone, unholyverse

You’re waiting for salvation
But not on this day
You’ll face intoxiacation
By the rotten ghouls of Seiyn
Track Name: Death Park
As texts remind me
Of ages passed
While passing structures
Darkened steel, half collapsed

A fleeting darkness
I hear the blight
While riding ashes
Of what was known as Death Park

This place should never have been revealed
A twisting nether is present here, now I'm in

I am followed by voices creeping in the dark
Left with no choices but stray in the night

Can you see it
Glorious and divine
Can you hear them
The ghouls of Death Park

A rollercoaster of hellish vibes,
And faded posters, written on: Have a ride

Into another realm, and yet I'm stuck here with my hands unbound
Another realm, more of death and chaos that's what I found
Again and again
Track Name: Grim Moira
That face, wakes me up
A bloodbound calling to follow that path
My self, I'm no more
Psychadelics to the core

I roamed the night in endless fear
Choked upon my darkness, I'm near
This pressured way leaves broken bones
Clears the dark forever

Red eyes, kept me up
A dark reminder of the last blood bath
My heart is no more
The pathway is broken, I'm out through the moor

My blind faith undone, I'm seeking deep atonement
Hopes burned up, I'm gone, Grimoire of selfless endings

And darkness ruled the Earth
Track Name: Pathway In The Dunes
A single mortal on a quest througout the night
On dunes of hate and raging sandstorms
A fallen soul seeks something more than deadly blights
I got way more than I had asked for

And so the crows inked black the deep blue sky
A hail of death remains, pumping blood in my veins

I follow truth to find the shadows of these realms
My ride is undone I need to reload.

Abominations are luriking in my sight
I smell damnation, my favourite fragrance tonight

And so the crows inked black the deep blue sky
A hail of death remains, sucking blood from my veins

I found the truth and now I'm shadowed in this realm
All that remains is death by sandstorms
Track Name: Hell's Gorge
And men raised up their guns
A sum of all that they fear
Woke them from their deep sleep
Their demise, nearer than near

When the dead will make a brand new grave,
Biting and tearing their heads away,
Painting the day red

Some had second thoughts
Took the chance that they got
Made it up to the first hill
They met the undying will

Off all that roams in search for flesh and bones,
Biting and tearing their heads away,
Painting the day red

Death’s unstoppable forces, breaching through the last defense, feeding on their corpses
They spread disease across the land

The dead-forsaken are shadows from the past
Against the risen their strongholds couldn't last
The raiders order, forgotten and destroyed
By the awoken, The last of life was broken

No heroes were revered
The hellish army perservered
Track Name: The Last City Of Seiyn
Life has left, open gates greet Lady Death
Descends upon the world in a storm
Crowds of folk are screaming

By the night the fire switched places with the sky
And dead men rained down on our head
That's all we ever had

This life, this existence, makes no sense at all
Thus my persistance, to find the other world

Stronger now, closer to the tales of old
Behind the flames, in front the cold
A city burns down as I leave

I am closer, to having my revenge
Death is staring, it whispers through the air

The balance was fragile, as endless aeons passed
As lives were bending and doom was descending

The city's burning , the dead are turning
Enjoying human meat, as I ride through the street

Though the sight was revolting, it was not the worst I've seen
I can't believe breathing as humanity is leaving
Track Name: Sea Of Storms
I vowed that I won't be lost to the way
I'll find the one, behind the sun

A sea unending, giant waves crush many skulls
As thunders raging, straight ahead I'm seeking death

And it was said that many aeons ago
When air was clean, the dunes were green

So I'm ascending to find this throne, forgotten by all
For there he's waiting, shaman, fiend, mage of old

Unveils the night to show what is real
The feebled potion, my soul is in motion, I'll heal

I'm near the haze
Beyond the waves
I see the mountains
A deadly maze
Track Name: Wasteland Shamanism
Oh, I feast on these forces, induced on myself through a magic dream
A black drink made of existence, tests my inner persistence

And as I fly

I see the sky is bending, and no, I ain't pretending
To guide the ark, as it gets dark
I see the sky is flashing, spirals of hate are dashing

The visions glow and now I know

How could I have ever known, these visions’ power
Eats on my life but heals up the soul
How could I have ever seen, without this potion
This life was unreal, along with my fear

It doesn't make sense now, a vision of the whitest room
A circle of people around me, as I'm breathing in more magic fume

And as I lie

My visions are ending, through them I'm ascending
The Shaman I see, his face, HE IS ME!

A vortex of powers forms over my head,
As I regain my senses chained to a bed